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Things I Wish I Learned When I Obtained My Real Estate License

This Blog section contains useful information for individuals licensed less than 3 years. Veteran agents can benefit as well.

New Real Estate Agents
Requirements for Renewing Your Michigan Real Estate License

Real estate licenses in Michigan are active for a 3-year cycle during which the licensee has to fulfill certain educational requirements. Learn more about the requirements for renewing your Michigan real estate license in our guide.

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New Real Estate Agents
4 Things to Know Before Starting Your Real Estate Career

Having the right expectations from the start can really help you succeed in your real estate career. Here are a few important things to know.

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New Real Estate Agents
Where Can I Take Real Estate Classes?

Finding the right place to take real estate classes means finding the best real estate school near you. Here are four factors to consider.

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Your Real Estate Future is Promising

However, fulfilling the promise of a successful real estate future requires the right choices at the right times. The most important decision to make right now? Where you’ll begin — or continue — your real estate training. NCI Associates, Ltd. remains your intelligent choice for Michigan Real Estate Classes.

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