Where Can I Take Real Estate Classes?

October 12, 2021
New Real Estate Agents

Finding the right place to take real estate classes means finding the best real estate school near you. Here are four factors to consider:

1. Instructors

Look for real estate classes at a school that features instructors with experience in both real estate sales and the law. Query real estate agents you know. They can help identify instructors who provide a relaxed and comfortable adult learning environment. 

2. Program Developers

Before they present the first minute of a class, the best real estate schools invest in experienced program developers. These are people with the skills required to write accessible and comprehensive material. 

The real estate school you select should have program developers with practical experience in the field. This means current or former real estate brokers, certified educators, attorneys, and business consultants. That experience should be within the state in which you hope to earn your license.

3. Textbooks & Materials

One reason #2 is so important? Those program developers have a hand in determining the material used during the real estate course.  

One option for your real estate training textbook is Michigan Real Estate Law & Practice. This two-textbook system is easy-to-read and easy-to-follow. It provides all the information you need to pass the real estate exam.

4. Service & Support

The best instructors, program developers, and training material in the world won’t be as helpful to your burgeoning real estate career without the proper level of support. Ask your prospective real estate school about the support they offer current and former students. Who is available to address any questions they may have? What qualifications do they have to offer guidance? Are they trained service professionals, or merely an answering service?

Once you identify a school that meets this criterion, you’ve identified the school where you want to take real estate classes!

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