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An exceptional real estate or building career begins with exceptional training. Read what actual students have to say about their experience with NCI.

Great Presentations

“Well presented with many pictorials, graphs, and personal examples. The time goes quickly and [the material] is well understood.”

R.J., Dearborn Heights

Highly Recommended

“If you want more than the minimum hours and to actually get something out of the training you are required to do, I recommended NCI to get the best of both worlds!”

D.W., Troy

Great Content

“Great content. Well explained.”

J.G.C., Clawson

A Path to Succeed

“NCI Associates are real professionals in communicating the core items real estate professionals need to succeed.”

P.L., Washington

Entertaining, Informative, and Not Boring

Best of all is the way NCI presents the material so that it is not only easily understood, but actually entertaining, informative and -- especially -- NOT BORING. The NCI materials are always well written, and I have used them as reference material in the past. Jack's ability to present the material is well known among the real estate brokers and agents throughout Michigan. Furthermore, Jack's ability to have legal counsel also present for his class presentations adds an additional element of expertise.

P.B., Troy

Worth It

I could take my yearly class locally for free but choose to pay and drive out of my region to attend NCI's class. I think that fact states all you need to know.

A.M., Imlay City

An Attorney with a Wealth of Knowledge

I have been attending Jack Waller's continuing education class for many years because the information is current, informative and very well presented. He is a real estate broker and an attorney, so his wealth of knowledge is truly unique. He goes the extra mile to help you not only understand the material, but also realize your importance and value as a REALTOR.

E.B., Ann Arbor

The Time Flies By

NCI Associates offers an annual comprehensive real estate license continuing education course that is equivalent to advanced education courses (college level) in an interesting and attention-getting way. The time really "flies by" during this six (6) hour class! A great investment of your time and money that yields you a great understanding of the material to enhance your personal professional growth!

J.M., Fort Gratiot

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

The NCI course materials are gifts that keep on giving long after the class is over. You can expect to learn something AND be entertained when taking an NCI class.

S.J., Shelby Township

Daily Support

With the quality classroom training and excellent material, I am proud to say I passed my real estate salesperson test the first time. I have also attended continuing education every year since then. The ownership and leadership of NCI are some of the most professional I've ever met. There was a time I had an issue with continuing education credits not reporting to the marketplace, and NCI staff personally helped me -- with daily contact over the course of two weeks -- and saw the situation through to its resolution.

N.K., Rochester

Pass the Test the First Time

When I chose to become a broker, there was not a modicum of doubt as to where I would take my required classes. That's right: NCI. I proudly passed my Broker test the first time. I took it with confidence because of the high level of preparation I received from Jack Waller and NCI.

S.S., Bloomfield Hills

Improved My Business

I especially appreciate the information that we cover. It gets me to think and improve ways of doing business. I was in an NCI con. ed. class last week and the legal portion on property lines made me take extra steps and add the survey to the purchase agreement.

S.K., Birmingham

Be On The Cutting Edge

NCI prepares you to stand out head and shoulders above your peers. You're equipped to be on the cutting edge of the industry's latest and most up-to-date legal and ethical standards.

T.S., New Baltimore

No Tuning Out Here

I NEVER tune out here! I'm listening all day ... and before I know it, the day is over and I'm wishing for more. I'm considering getting my broker's license if it's this interesting. I now actually look forward to attending con ed. I never thought I would see that day!

M.B., Royal Oak

Fun and Memorable

Thanks, NCI, for taking "dry as dust" material (law) and making it fun and memorable. I will surely be taking more of your courses!

J.W., Rochester

All A's for NCI

NCI material is the best out there. I need continuing education and would not consider going to any other class. Jack knows what he's doing; as a former teacher, I would give him all A's. His teaching methods are engaging and educational.

K.T., Sterling Heights

Your Real Estate Future is Promising

However, fulfilling the promise of a successful real estate future requires the right choices at the right times. The most important decision to make right now? Where you’ll begin — or continue — your real estate training. NCI Associates, Ltd. remains your intelligent choice for Michigan Real Estate Classes.

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