Requirements for Renewing Your Michigan Real Estate License

January 12, 2022
New Real Estate Agents

Real estate licenses in the state of Michigan are regulated by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). All salesperson and broker license renewal requirements are fulfilled through LARA’s website. Before we walk you through the process, we will review the requirements for renewing your Michigan real estate salesperson or broker license.

Continuing Education Requirements

To renew a real estate salesperson or broker license, the licensee must have completed a minimum of 18 clock hours of continuing education courses (or CE for short) during the previous 3-year license cycle. Importantly, at least 2 hours of continuing education must be completed during each year of the licensee’s 3-year license cycle. These 2 hours, commonly referred to as “Legal” by agents, must cover real estate law, rules, and court cases.

To recap:

(1) 18 total clock hours of continuing education must be completed to renew a license;

(2) 2 hours–of the 18 hours–must cover legal subject matter and be completed each year; and

(3) the remaining 12 hours can be completed at any time during the 3-year license cycle.

NCI strongly recommends taking a 6-hour class each year of the license cycle. This reduces the possibility of coming up short on hours at the end of the license cycle. All of NCI’s 6-hour CE courses include the 2-hour legal requirement.

According to LARA, CE course content must relate to “subjects that are relevant to the management, operation, and practice of real estate or any other subject that contributes to the professional competence of a licensee.” All NCI classes are all custom-written by NCI’s top real estate, legal, and education experts. Our subject matter is specifically geared to Michigan laws, rules, and practices as well. We do not waste time talking about cases or subject matter from other states. You can read more about our CE classes here

Finally, each licensee must retain his or her own proof of completion of continuing education for 4 years from the date of completion. LARA does not require licensees to send proof of their CE hours. Instead, LARA randomly audits licensees to verify compliance. To make it easy for licensees, NCI uploads all student CE records to the CEMarketplace. This gives students convenient and instant access to their records in the case of an audit.

When Do You Need to Renew Your License?

For many years, real estate 3-year license cycles were the same for every licensee. The cycle ran from November 1 of one year through October 31 of the third year. Beginning in August of 2020, LARA assigned individual license cycles to new agents that matched the date on which their original license was issued. As of November 1, 2021 all existing licensees were converted to the staggered expiration dates. Currently, every agent’s license expiration date matches the date their license was originally issued.

As a result of the new staggered license cycles, each licensee should record their individual expiration date in their calendar. This will reduce the possibility of an inadvertent license expiration and/or not fulfilling CE requirements in a timely fashion. Failure to do either may result in discipline by LARA and/or interruption of being able to list and sell property. If you have any questions about license cycles or continuing education, contact us.

What Happens if Your Michigan Real Estate License Expires?

The most important thing to know is that a licensee cannot perform the acts of a real estate salesperson or broker the day following expiration. Real estate license law does provide for a 60-day late renewal period, or grace period, following expiration. Anyone who renews during this late period will follow the same process and pay the same fees, with an additional late fee of $20. It is important to remember that no real estate services may be provided if the license is not renewed prior to expiration. If the licensee fails to renew within the 60-day period, he or she will have up to 3 years following expiration to reapply for the license. Waiting more than 3 years increases the requirements to reestablish a real estate license.

Do I Need to Complete CE Hours the First Year I Obtained My License?

Yes, salesperson and broker pre-license education does not count towards your annual continuing education requirements. You will still need to fulfill the 18 hours of CE requirements for that 3 year cycle.

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Michigan Real Estate License?

The current real estate license renewal fee is $78, which is paid by credit card on LARA’s website during the renewal process.

How to Renew Your Michigan Real Estate License Online?

Renewing your license online is convenient and easy. In 2021, all new and existing licensees were required to create an MiPLUS account through LARA’s website. All issues related to real estate licenses, including new license applications, renewals, and changes of name or address, are handled electronically through the licensee’s MiPLUS account.

  1. First, make sure that you have an account created. Then, login with your account information.
  2. You will see the “Licenses” tab on your homepage. Clicking this tab will give you the option to renew your license. Click the link that says “Click here to renew license”.
  3. Fill out the license renewal application by answering all of the questions. Depending on the responses to any of the questions that are asked on the application, you may be asked to submit additional documentation.
  4. Once you complete answering the questions and submitting additional documents, you will be asked to review your application and agree to the certification that all of the information you submitted is correct and truthful.
  5. The last step is to pay the license renewal fee. Enter in your payment information and once the payment is processed you will be redirected to the homepage where you should be able to see that your renewal was completed.

There is More to CE Classes Than Fulfilling Requirements

At NCI we believe that continuing education classes should be less about fulfilling licensing requirements and more about learning important information to better your real estate career. We strive to provide the state’s most informative and enjoyable CE classes. The only place to obtain our custom programs is to register through

Each NCI class contains current and accurate information, with helpful real-world examples and risk management tips. NCI instructors are the most well-trained and knowledgeable in the industry. Further, students are able to openly engage and ask questions. As long as you have a passion for real estate and a professional’s desire to learn, NCI’s continuing education classes will teach you a lot and keep you engaged. Thousands of real estate professionals will only take their CE classes through NCI. Read our testimonials here. NCI offers in-person, live webinar, and self-paced/online class options. Visit our website to access up-to-date class information.

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