All You Need to Know About Real Estate CE Requirements in Michigan

March 7, 2022
New and Existing Licensees

How Many CE Credits Do Real Estate Agents Need in Michigan?

Real estate agents in Michigan are required to complete 18 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits during a 3-year license cycle to be able to renew their license. It is important to note that agents are required to complete at least 2 hours of real estate law-specific CE credits per year. These courses can be in real estate law, rules, and court cases, and count toward the 18 hour total requirement. The rest of the 12 CE hours can be taken at any time during your 3-year license cycle. However at NCI, we recommend that you break them up into a more manageable 6 hours per year schedule. Visit out course catalog for in-person, live webinar, and self-paced real estate continuing education course options.

How Do I Get Real Estate CE Hours In Michigan?

There are many course options out there to fulfill the Michigan real estate CE requirements; both in-person and online. While fulfilling the credit requirement is important, at NCI we believe that the CE course content should be engaging and of high educational value to students. We strive to provide informative courses that will help you in your real estate career. Just take a look at our testimonials to see why our students keep coming back for our CE classes year after year. NCI offers both in-person and online class options. Visit our website to see the most up to date course information. To learn more about how to find the best CE class for you, read our informative article, Where Can I Take Real Estate Classes.

How Long Are Real Estate CE Credits Good For In Michigan?

The required 18 CE hours are valid for the duration of the licensing cycle that they are taken in. Any additional hours you complete on top of the requirement cannot be transferred to the next licensing cycle.

Where Can I Check My CE Hours?

CEMarketplace, a division of Michigan REALTORS®, is responsible for tracking CE hours and certifying classes. All NCI classes are certified through the CEMarketplace. To check how many CE hours you currently have, visit their website All CE hours taken through NCI are reported to CE Marketplace without any action required by the student.

Best Way To Fulfill CE Requirements To Renew Your Michigan Real Estate License

If you are looking for CE hours to fulfill your license renewal requirements, NCI has three course formats to choose from; in person, live webinar, and online self-paced. Our in person and live webinar formats are designed for students that prefer a more traditional classroom setting. The self-paced option is a great fit for those that may not have time to attend a live class, or prefer to learn at their own pace. When you purchase a self-paced course from NCI, you have 90 days to complete it. Taking a course from NCI is the best way to invest in your real estate success.

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