How Long are Real Estate Classes in Michigan and What Do I Need?

May 1, 2024
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Embarking on a career in real estate in Michigan offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Real estate market in this state varies from busy cities to calm lakeside properties, providing unique opportunities for real estate professionals. If you’re just starting your real estate journey, you may be wondering about how long the real estate classes are and how to get started. Read this informative guide from  NCI Associates, the top real estate school in Michigan, here to guide you every step of the way.

Understanding Real Estate Licensing in Michigan

Gaining a real estate license in Michigan requires navigating through essential steps. Here's a breakdown of these requirements, highlighting the significance of accredited real estate classes:

Michigan's Licensing Criteria:

  • Completion of Real Estate Classes: Candidates must complete a 40-hour LARA-approved Real Estate Fundamentals class.
  • State Licensing Examination: Passing this exam is a pivotal step in obtaining a real estate license. The exam can be scheduled as soon as one completes the fundamentals class.

The Role of Accredited Real Estate Classes:

  • Quality Assurance: Accredited courses meet high educational standards, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Preparation for State Exam: These classes are designed to prepare candidates for the Michigan real estate licensing exam.
  • Career Foundation: Accredited programs, like those offered by NCI Associates, provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in real estate.

Each step is critical in becoming a licensed real estate agent in Michigan, with the right educational program paramount. NCI Associates is a prime example of an institution offering accredited and industry-aligned classes, paving the way for aspiring real estate professionals in Michigan.

Enrolling in Real Estate School

Beginning a career in Michigan's real estate industry starts with enrolling in suitable classes. This process, crucial for setting the foundation of your career, involves several key steps:

Selecting the Right School: Researching accredited real estate schools is crucial. Schools like NCI Associates offer state-approved education essential for meeting Michigan's licensing requirements. While many real estate schools only aim to help students pass the exam, NCI goes further by including real-life examples and relevant career information in each course, setting the students for a successful career in real estate. Before signing up for a class, ensure that the courses align with both the state's criteria and your career objectives.

Understanding Course Offerings: Reviewing and selecting courses that cater to your needs is vital. Pay attention to:

  • Curriculum and Duration: How the courses are structured and the time commitment required.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Confirm that you meet the necessary age and educational prerequisites. No previous education is required to enroll in the NCI Associates Real Estate Salesperson License Training program.

Once you've identified the right course and school, proceed with the registration process, which typically involves filling out an application and paying tuition fees. Preparing for classes by organizing study schedules and resources is also a crucial part of the process. NCI Associates provides each student with an electronic or print copy of the Michigan Real Estate Laws & Practice book. This valuable resource, written by the school’s founder and head instructor Jack Waller, includes 460 pages of terminology, current Michigan information, sample questions, and test-taking techniques.

Different Format of Real Estate Classes Available to Fit Your Schedule

The world of real estate education offers a variety of class formats to suit different learning styles and schedules. Understanding these options is crucial for prospective agents in Michigan, as the proper format can significantly enhance the learning experience. Here are the primary types of classes available:

  • Online Webinar Classes: Ideal for those who prefer the flexibility and convenience of taking classes at home. Online webinar courses allow students to learn at their location while having the opportunity to ask questions and interact with a live instructor. They are particularly beneficial for individuals who cannot attend in-person classes due to distance or time constraints.
  • In-Person Classes: These traditional classes provide a more hands-on learning environment. In-person sessions are perfect for learners who thrive in a classroom setting and benefit from direct interaction with instructors and peers.
  • Self-Paced Classes: For busy individuals who prefer to have the flexibility of being able to pause and play classes in their own time, self-paced classes are a great alternative. They allow students to fit studies around their existing commitments.

At NCI Associates, we recognize the diverse needs of our students and offer a range of courses in all these formats. From online live webinar and self-paced to in-person classes, you have lots of options to choose from. If you’re looking for live classes, NCI offers both 5-week class schedules and 5-day accelerated classes. With self-paced classes you have the option to complete the course in just a few days or extend it over several months.

By offering these varied class formats, NCI Associates ensures that every student can access quality real estate education, no matter their learning preference or schedule. Aspiring real estate agents in Michigan can choose the format that best suits their needs, ensuring a robust and comprehensive educational experience that sets them up for success in the industry.

But How Long Do Real Estate Classes Take to Complete?

Although all students must complete 40 hours, NCI Associates offers different schedule options that cater to different learning preferences and availabilities. Here's a concise overview:

  • In-Person Classes: In-person classes have two schedule options: 1-week Daytime Accelerated Classes and 5-week Evening Classes
  • Live Webinar Classes: Similar to in-person classes, the webinar classes are scheduled over a week or 5 weeks.
  • Self-Paced Classes: The self-paced classes offer the most flexibility as they can be completed in just a few days or up to 6 months.

So the answer to this question can vary depending on the student’s schedule and pace. After completing the real estate classes some students prefer to take the 4-hour review course before taking the exam. Although not part of the mandatory hours, the review course is a great way to brush up on the knowledge needed to pass the exam.

The Process from Start to Finish

Embarking on a real estate career in Michigan involves a series of structured steps, from enrollment to licensure. Here's a streamlined guide:

  • Choosing and Enrolling in a Real Estate School: Research and select a reputable real estate school like NCI Associates. Complete the enrollment process, including application submission and tuition payment.
  • Selecting a Sponsoring Brokerage: All real estate agents need a broker to sponsor them to be able to get their license. To complete your licensing requirements you will need to provide your employing broker’s information. If you do not have a sponsoring broker when you enroll in one of NCI’s classes, simply call NCI and they can help you.
  • Completing Coursework: Attend and actively participate in your chosen real estate classes, absorbing fundamental principles and practices.
  • Submitting an Application: Once you complete the educational requirement, you will need to visit and submit an application to get your license. You will need this approval prior to taking the exam.
  • Preparing for the Licensing Exam: After coursework completion, focus on studying for the Michigan real estate licensing exam, which assesses your understanding of state-specific real estate laws and practices.
  • Exam and Licensure: Register for and pass the licensing exam. Subsequently, complete the necessary steps to apply for your real estate license in Michigan.

This process, from selecting a school like NCI Associates to obtaining a license, is designed to equip aspiring agents with the knowledge and credentials needed for a successful career in real estate. To learn more about how to get your real estate license, read our informative article on the topic.

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