How to Select the Best Real Estate School in Michigan

May 6, 2022
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If you are researching how to obtain your Michigan real estate license, you probably discovered the education and testing requirements that must be fulfilled. Now, it is time to explore how to select the best real estate school. This important decision can dramatically improve your chance of passing the state exam. It can also give you a solid foundation for launching your career. There are many online and in-person real estate schools in the marketplace. Some are locally-owned and operated schools, while others are multi-state outfits. Ultimately, the real estate school you choose should be professional operated and a good fit for your needs. Here are the “Top 10” things to consider when selecting the best real estate school for you.

1. Instructional Delivery Systems

There are a number of different delivery systems for education. Some students find it useful to interact with a live instructor, whether in a live webinar or a physical classroom. Other students prefer the scheduling flexibility of a self-paced, online class. Regardless of the delivery system, students benefit most from a school that provides well-written, accurate, and up-to-date course content. When searching for the best real estate school, make sure it is run by professional and credentialed educators who truly understand the science of adult learning.

2. Class Schedule Options

Many individuals who want to obtain their real estate license currently have jobs and find it hard to attend classes during the day. Others have active home and/or personal schedules that make it challenging to commit to evening classes. Still others need the ultimate flexibility of self-paced, online class that allows them to pause and continue as their schedule allows. When selecting a real estate school, make sure that it offers these options.

3. Select a Michigan-based Real Estate School

Many education outfits offer real estate classes in multiple states. The fact that the company uses the word “Michigan” in its course title and the course is approved by Michigan’s licensing agency, does not mean it was written by Michigan experts. If you want to learn about Michigan real estate law and practice, it is best to learn from a Michigan-based real estate school. Real estate laws and regulations can significantly differ by state, and taking a specialized course will ensure that you are fully equipped to pass the exam and help your clients with the latest and most accurate information.

4. Course Content

Before selecting a program, research the textbooks and materials that it incorporates. Every school must address the subjects tested on the state exam. But, addressing a topic does not mean that it will be thoroughly and understandably taught. Compare each school’s textbooks and materials. Make sure they are professionally produced and written by a Michigan author who has expertise in Michigan real estate law and practice. Your real estate class shouldn’t merely teach you how to pass the exam. It should also give you the information you need to get your real estate career off to a strong start.

5. Support and Individualized Attention

Some real estate schools offer their students support, while others only provide self-study materials. If direct hands-on support is important to you, consider enrolling in a classroom-based or live webinar presentations. This allows you to interact with a certified instructor. If you select a self-paced, online format, make sure the school supplies comprehensive textbooks and materials. This gives you the resources you need to research the answer to any question.

6. Instructor Experience

Whether you’re taking a classroom-based or live webinar program, the teacher’s credentials are important. Your instructor can have a huge impact on the enjoyment you get out of the class as well as your ability to learn and retain the materials.

7. Check Reviews

It’s a good idea to check the school’s online reviews. Former students speak to the overall quality of the school’s programs. You can also reach out to the school directly and ask any questions you have before actually registering for a program. Measure if the school’s staff is friendly, helpful, and presents themselves as knowledgeable.

8. Practice Questions in the Curriculum

This goes without saying, but make sure the real estate course you select includes practice questions. Practice questions help familiarize you with the style and format of the exam. Do not rely on practice questions that are available on the internet. Some courses only cover the materials necessary to meet pre-licensing requirements without actually training students on proper test-taking skills to pass the exam.

9. Continuing Education & Broker Licensing

Continuing education may not be on your mind now, but your license renewal will come faster than you expect! Make sure the school also offers CE and Broker Licensing courses. That way when that need arises, you can continue with the same school for all of your educational needs.

10. School History

Check the school’s website to learn about its history. If they’ve been in business for many years and have great reviews, that will help you feel more confident in your decision.

NCI is Michigan’s Leading Real Estate School

NCI earns an A+ in each of the “Top 10” things to consider when selecting the best real estate school. Since 1979, NCI has delivered high-quality education to aspiring and current real estate professionals. Every course NCI offers is carefully designed to include current and relevant topics in real estate. As a Michigan-based real estate school, NCI provides the most Michigan-specific, up-to-date, practical, and career-enhancing information. Our classroom-based, live webinar, and online self-paced course options were created to fit different lifestyles and learning needs. We invite you to read our student testimonials and experience the difference we can make in your real estate career.

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